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Hair Density with SMP

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Scalp micropigmentation excellently enhances hair density in thinning areas. Both men and women can enrich their hairlines with scalp micropigmentation without needing a shave. We strongly recommend scalp micropigmentation to clients experiencing hair loss for life-changing results.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a great way to add a natural density look to existing hair. Men and women can achieve natural results with our careful scalp micropigmentation application. We aim to complement the client’s existing hair and hairline for this type of treatment. For this to be possible, the client must have diffuse thinning with an intact hairline. Because scalp micropigmentation treatments do not add physical length to existing hair, there must be an all-over distribution to achieve a natural look. Many of our clients, bald or with patches, have benefited from scalp micropigmentation. Shaving isn’t mandatory for this procedure. Hairline Ink’s scalp micropigmentation technique specializes in filling bald spots and adding density. Although a fully shaven head is most common for scalp micropigmentation, many clients receive treatment to add thickness to thinning hair or bald spots, so shaving is unnecessary. For this kind of treatment to have a natural appearance, it is required to have hair distributed all over the head. 

SMP for density creates the illusion of a fuller head of hair for people who are experiencing hair thinning, with or without bald spots. Scalp micropigmentation density acts similarly to a hair powder or colored hair spray, allowing the scalp to have the appearance of head hair, even in areas where little hair is present. For many people, scalp micropigmentation for thinning hair creates a renewed sense of confidence, without having to resort to spraying on a scalp cover-up each morning. There’s no need to remove or shave head hair before undergoing grown out scalp micropigmentation with hair. Your technician will be able to work around the hair that you have, placing ink on your scalp in places where your hair has thinned.

BeforeAfter ScarCamoflage Nazeer
BeforeAfter ScarCamoflage Greg

Scar Camouflage with SMP

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Minimize the look of scars from injuries or transplant scars.

Scalp micro-pigmentation can help reduce the contrast between the scar and surrounding areas. Scars to be covered, and “blend” more with surrounding tissue

Scar camouflage with scalp micro-pigmentation can minimize the visibility of the scar. The visibility of scars can be minimized by about 40-60%, anything above that is a bonus. Scar camouflage is a procedure that is never done in one session. The process must be performed over a few weeks to slowly add color and density to the scar.

It’s common for FUE / FUT hair transplant surgeons to refer patients to scalp tattoo professionals. Scar tissue, sometimes quite thick in structure, may require extra SMP sessions to for the custom ink to take. The scalp takes to the custom SMP ink pigment quicker than scars do.

When a scar is treated with SMP, so are the areas around it; this is to create a natural seamless blend across the scarred area.

BeforeAfter ScarCamoflage Nazeer
BeforeAfter ScarCamoflage Greg

Shaved Look with SMP

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Achieve a shaved look that mimics the look of shaved or closely cropped hair with the appearance of a very realistic buzz-cut style. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Before & After Front | Toronto Ajax Durham
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Before & Top Side Profile | Toronto Ajax Durham
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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Procedure After | Ajax Durham Toronto GTA | Dr. Hair Tattoo

My Story

About Me

Hey, I’m Zu – the artist behind Dr. Hair Tattoo. I have been cutting hair for 20 years. The focus of my career has been giving fades and beard work to men. It started when I began cutting hair in high school for my buddies and then learned to cut MY OWN HAIR. From there it blossomed to a career of keeping men looking their best both for their own self confidence and to appeal to their significant others.

Men are often overlooked in society as of late. Women have been practicing self care and personal hygene enhancement for years and NOW it is the time for men to look their GREATEST. We can’t avoid gettting older but that doesn’t stop us from looking our best.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Zu in Consultation | Ajax Durham Toronto GTA | Dr. Hair Tattoo
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Zu drawing hairline | Ajax Durham Toronto GTA | Dr. Hair Tattoo

My Journey

I started my personal Scalp Micropigmentation journey a few years back after I lost my hair. I was perusing YouTube when an ad popped up on my feed. I was not looking for a hair loss solution but this video appealed to me. After having watched a video I was drawn in and still watching videos 6 hours later. The following day I called and booked an appointment. And that was the beginning of an UNBELIEVABLE life changing journey.

After my first appointment (2 hours in total) my life was changed forever. I could not believe it. Most things that are too good to be true usually are; this wasn’t!!!! I still had 3 more session because I had lost the entirety of my hair from the crown forward to the hairline so it would require 4 sessions. Immediately I knew this was something I wanted to learn and be able to do for others to help change their lives.

My New Purpose!

My confidence went to an ALL TIME HIGH!!! By the time I had my 2nd session I started to put a plan together to be able to become a licensed technician. By the time I had my fourth session my scalp was completely changed and I WAS IN LOVE with my new hairline.

The best part about SMP is that it isn’t too obvious that people will think you did something desperate. It is hardly recognizable sometimes to people who haven’t seen you in a while so you won’t be embarrassed by invasive questions from your friends. They will know something is different but they won’t know exactly what it is. SMP provides a beautiful seamless hairline that restructures your face in a subtle powerful way.

Fast forward some time and here I am confident in myself and my skills and running the business DR HAIR TATTOO!!! The lives that I have helped change so for has been overwhelming. I have the bug now and want to be able to help YOU get back your confidence and reclaim some of your youth!!

zu smp

SMP Process

The first step toward a successful scalp micropigmentation procedure is a thorough consultation with your SMP artist. It is crucial that we understand your expectations, and of course the style you want to achieve. Consultations take place by phone, video call or if possible, face to face. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Most scalp micropigmentation treatments are split over 2-4 sessions, each lasting 1-3 hours. At the start of each session your artist prepares their workstation, adhering to the most stringent hygiene standards, and creates the blend of carbon SMP pigment and dilutant to suit your individual requirements.

Your First Session

The purpose of your first session is to lay a ‘foundation’ of pigmentation, re-framing your face and providing enough scope for adjustments during your subsequent sessions. Your artist creates thousands of tiny pigment deposits, each designed to replicate the appearance of a very short hair, and skillfully creates a covering of deposits across the entire treatment area.

During SMP treatment
smp treatment result | Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Procedure | Ajax Durham Toronto GTA | Dr. Hair Tattoo

Subsequent Sessions

Your remaining treatment sessions are for building density, and for perfecting the final look.

Density must be created slowly and following a specific method. Remember, the objective is to replicate your natural density, not to overdo it, so adequate healing time must be enabled between each session to create the most accurate result.

We also make adjustments to your procedure as we progress through each session. Often clients have requests that stem from time in front of the mirror between sessions, and hairline adjustments are especially common. We want you to be completely satisfied with your treatment, so we accommodate such requests wherever possible.

After your sessions are complete, we recommend a period of 2 weeks where the scalp is protected from washing, excessive sweating, and strong sunlight. Long term aftercare is simply a case of maintaining good skin health, taking adequate precautions in the sun and moisturising regularly.

Pre & Post-Treatment Care

In the week prior to your first session you should:

  • Exfoliate and moisturize the scalp two times a day at least a week before your treatment
  • If a hair system is worn, remove it so that fresh air can get to the scalp
  • Cut hair with a trimmer (#0) the night before
  • No sunburn
  • No caffeine (coffee, coke, sports drinks, etc.)
  • No aspirin, blood thinners
  • No drugs
  • No alcohol
  • Drink water
  • Eat well

On the day of your treatment:

  • ​Wash your scalp (with scent free shampoo), be sure to remove any hair thickening products or fibers well
  • Refrain from putting any product in the hair or on the scalp after it is clean (thickening sprays, gels, moisturizers, hairspray, etc.). A light, scent free moisturizer can be used if the scalp is still dry (even when following the pre-care directions above)
  • We also recommend having a meal before your session and bring along a snack and beverage


Day 1-4 after your treatment session, you should avoid:

  • Touching, picking or disturbing the scalp
  • Showering, or shaving
  • Any activities (sports, gym, etc.) that cause excessive sweating
  • Using lotions or shampoos (other then what your technician provides you)
  • Direct sunlight
  • Tanning booths
  • Swimming
  • Saunas
  • Steam rooms
  • Razor shaving for at least 10 days
  • It is recommended to change your pillow case for the first few nights to mitigate any possible risk of infection

Day 5 after your first session:

  • Wash your scalp gently with lukewarm/cool water and gentle soap
  • Shave your head, using an electric shaver. No wet shaving (razor blade) for 10 days post treatment
  • Apply moisturizer 2-3 times daily (or as needed) to prevent dry, flaky skin. Non-perfumed, natural moisturizers are recommended (ex. Aveeno or products sold at our studio)

After 21 days have passed:

  • You can go swimming
  • You can use saunas, hot tubs or steam rooms
  • You can expose your scalp to direct sunlight BUT we do recommend using a sunscreen with high SPF, such as 50+ to protect your skin from UV rays and your new hair. Unprotected exposure to the sun may cause unnecessary and early fading
  • Always avoid any products that contain alcohol, they are drying agents (isopropyl, denatured & SD alcohol are agents to watch out for)
  • Moisturize your scalp once a day at minimum

General tattooing aftercare:

  • Clean hands immediately before touching area
  • The expected healing time of the site can range significantly, as everyone heals differently however, approximately 48-72 hours post treatment, reduction in these symptoms should occur
  • Advil or Tylenol can be taken to help with any discomfort
  • No dressings or covers are required for Scalp Micropigmentation aftercare
  • The aftercare ointment provided by your technician is recommended

Signs & symptoms of infection:

  • Swelling: A slight amount of swelling is normal for a new tattoo. If the swelling becomes excessive, uncomfortable and pain is radiating beyond the tattoo site, then this can be a sign of infection
  • Fever: This is a symptom of an underlying issue, which might be an infection. Please contact a medical professional if you think you may have a possible infection, within 24 hours
  • Note – Infections are extremely rare

Get Started Today!

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is an art in its own right and should only be executed by someone who understands the art of perfect hair lines, perfect fades or contrast levels, and perfect haircuts and styling in general. And because SMP is essentially a permanent styling of your hair line and your overall hair appearance, it is critical that you get it right the first time! You won’t find anyone else who better understands hair lines, fades, and how a full head of hair should appear than Dr Hair Tattoo himself.

I’m not only the doctor, but a patient! Don’t hesitate, it is the best decision you will every make!! Call me at 416-509-1336 or fill out my contact form for a FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION.