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Go From Bald To BOLD

Hair Tattoo in Durham, Ontario. Scalp Micropigmentation in Ajax. SMP in the Greater Toronto Area. Reach out to Dr. Hair Tattoo today for a free, zero-obligation private consultation. Become your new best self today!

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The Leading SMP Company in the GTA

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Meet Dr. Hair Tattoo

Zu is a highly sought after Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) technician. Trained under the tutelage of the originators of scalp HIS HAIR CLINIC, Ian Watson who is the inventor of the process and is one of the worlds best practitioners; you can rest assured that your scalp and hairline are in good hands with Zu.

Not only am I the hair doctor, but I’m also a client! I’ve had scalp migropigmentation done myself, and after a short 2 hour session, my life changed forever. My confidence went to an all time high!

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to become the best hair tattoo expert around, so I can provide my customers with the same confidence that SMP has given me!

scalp micropigmentation

Why Choose Us For Scalp Micropigmentation?

You may have heard of scalp micropigmentation, hair micro-pigmentation, or hairline tattoos in Ajax and wondered if this procedure could be right for you or what it involves. SMP provides a beautiful seamless hairline that restructures your face in a subtle and powerful way. Dr. Hair Tattoo aims to help balding men look like the best versions of themselves again.

Go From Bald to Bold

Regain your confidence with a brand new and improved hairline.

Change Your Life​

Get this all accomplished with one easy hair tattoo session.​

Safe Proceduce

Get a full head of hair without engaging in a risky surgery.

Confidential & Private Service

A completely confidential service without an overtly obvious change.​

Appearance of a Buzz Cut

Get the look you've been wanting without complications of surgery.

Cost Effective Solution

Pay a fraction of the price compared to an up to $15,000 hair transplant.

Before & After SMP

Take a look at some of the previous results we’ve gotten for past scalp micropigmentation clients. See our work for yourself and imagine what we would be able to do for you!

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"I was referred here by my colleague who also had the SMP treatment done by Zu. My first-time visit was really amazing and the 4 sessions it took to complete the job was well worth it. Thanks!"

"Dr Hair Tattoo did a great job on my scalp. I wish I had done it years earlier when I lost most of my hair. I specifically want an all natural soft hairline, and Zu accomplished it perfectly. I've recommended a few of my other balding friends to the clinic as well."

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Frequently Asked Questions

People have been talking about Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) a lot these days and whenever they mention it, they’re referring to the non-invasive scalp treatment that utilizes micro-needles. Some refer to it as a scalp tattoo. Experts use detailed micro-needles to deposit safe pigment onto one’s scalp. The deposit is done carefully and artfully. By the end of the treatment, a person who underwent SMP will look like he or she has short hair stubble or tiny hair follicles. This non-invasive treatment is perfect if your hair is beginning to thin, you’ve gone completely bald, or your hairline is receding. This can give you a short buzz-cut look.

Pricing will depend on a case-to-case basis. It is determined depending on one’s level of hair loss. To be prepared, you should allocate around $2,500 – $4,000. Many experts like Dr. Hair Tattoo provide free consultation and evaluation. All you have to do is visit them and they’d easily be able to determine your needs and provide a quote.

No. This is not a one-treatment process. You’d at least need 2-4 sessions. The number of sessions that a person will need will depend on his or her level of hair loss. Sessions are spaced at least 10-20 days apart.

No. At least 2-4 hours is needed per session. This will depend on the level of one’s hair loss.

Yes. It will last for more than 6 years. You may start to notice slight lightening by the 6th year. In such a case, you would simply need to have a touch-up session. During a touch-up session, your SMP expert will simply restore pigments to their former color and vibrance.

No, it will look completely natural. It is undetectable. It looks like your very own hair.

You can choose to not take time off from work. Because SMP is non-invasive, you won’t need any downtime. You will however experience redness on the scalp post-session. Such redness can last for 2 – 3 days. If you want to be home during such redness, you may choose to take a leave from work. You may wear hats or headwear if the need should arise.

You need not worry if you’re not familiar with different types and styles of hairlines. We will help you pick one that suits your age, face shape, and overall personality. You can also easily adjust or tweak your hairline as the session takes place.

Yes. Often referred to as scalp tattoo or cosmetic hair, SMP can last for more than 6 years. It will not wash off. It will only begin to fade by the 4th or 6th year on a case-to-case basis. Once fading is obvious, you can simply go for a touch-up session to restore its former color and vibrancy.

No. We don’t use tattoo ink in sessions. SMP pigments are designed to be within the same color spectrum of a person’s short hair. It does not have additives and colorants. This is why no discoloration will take place.
Scalp micropigmentation is so different from traditional tattooing because it uses special needles and machines specifically designed for the scalp.

Yes. This will all depend on the extent and pattern of your thinning hair. If there is enough hair left, you can simply opt for scalp micropigmentation to make your hair appear thicker and healthier. If hair loss is major, you may need to cut your hair shorter.
This is very different from traditional tattooing because it uses special needles and machines specifically designed for the scalp.